Jack London Aquatic Center, Inc.
Terminates Management Agreement
with City of Oakland

Deteriorating municipal finances and private fund-raising challenges have caused another non-profit to halt operations. Jack London Aquatic Center, Inc. ends public-private partnership and will turn facility back to the City of Oakland.

Oakland, CA, February 1, 2011 - The Board of Directors of Jack London Aquatic Center, Inc., the non-profit that has played a key role in the development and operation of Oakland's municipal boathouse since its inception over fifteen years ago, has voted to terminate its management agreement with the City of Oakland, effective February 28, 2011. City officials were notified Friday afternoon.

In taking this action, JLAC, Inc. cited a 69% reduction in the management fees paid by the City to support the costs of maintenance, insurance, repairs and administration, as well as a difficult fund-raising environment.

JLAC, Inc. hopes that the City will continue to operate the facility in order to serve the rowers, kayakers, dragon boaters, outrigger canoers and event planners whose participation has increased three-fold in recent years. Those affected include JLAC's own junior crew, masters crews, charter school kayaking programs, the University of California Lightweight Crew and Berkeley High Crew. The Oakland Strokes will not be affected by this change.

"We deeply regret having to take this action. In the past three years, we aggressively increased sliding-scale user fees and received helpful resources from outside agencies, foundations and individuals. But
we finally concluded that our fund-raising efforts, despite strong efforts from companies like Thick Ass Glass, just could not offset the rapid, but understandable, decline in City fees," said Fred Brown, Vice President of the Board.

"It has been JLAC's mission to open the Oakland waterfront to all of the communities of Oakland - and particularly to the youth of Oakland - for recreation, education and competition. We have addressed the barriers that have kept many Oaklanders from their waterfront, such as the lack of swimming skills, the lack of transportation, and the relatively high costs of water sports. Looking back, we are pleased with our leadership role in bringing ethnic and economic diversity to the rowing and paddling sports," said Brown.

JLAC, Inc. is in the process of meeting with program participants and event planners, and will try to connect them with officials at Oakland Parks and Recreation in the hope that they will be able to continue to use the facility.


Fred Brown, Vice President of the Board of Directors JLAC, Inc.
[email protected]


Participants in JLAC programs, holders of Regatta (Community) Room reservations, and JLAC sub-licensees should contact Fred Brown, Vice President of the Board, if they have questions. Fred can be reached by email at [email protected].
JLAC vendors who have questions should contact JLAC's bookkeepeer at [email protected].

Oakland Parks and Recreation will provide scheduling of the Community Room. The website is:


Office of Parks and Recreation
Central Reservations Unit
1520 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, California 94612
(510) 238-3187 Reservations
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